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Nikki Druce is the creator and host of Macabre London, the original podcast about London’s gruesome history. Created in 2016, combines the intrigue of horror and history and turns it into a unique storytelling podcast.

Nikki’s stories on the show are inspired by a lifelong love of anything dark, gothic, creepy and unsettling.  Through Macabre London, Nikki has dedicated herself to making sure the stories from the capital’s past are not forgotten forever and to bring them to a new generation of podcast listeners and YouTube viewers.

Nikki is always on the hunt for new stories and our lovely listeners do not disappoint.  If you’d like to suggest a topic for the show then please email.

Love this podcast. Thrilling & fascinating!
— Lislucy


So what is Macabre London?


Macabre London was born from a childhood obsession with all things spooky, creepy and tales that go bump in the night. Nikki’s mother would often tell her tales of cryptids, spooky goings on and murderous tales that generally occurred on London’s mean Victorian streets so it was only a matter of time before she would turn that into something for others to consume with a strong focus on historical, factual storytelling.


the thought of being able to tell other’s stories to make sure they were immortalised forever was always something Nikki had wanted to do. Youtube allows listeners to have a unique experience of watching the show be hosted along with historical media from the time, further setting the scene.


Join our host Nikki, as she investigates everything from hidden graveyards, forgotten disasters and nefarious characters from London’s past.  There will be murder, medicine, human peril and perhaps the odd ghost story or two. The tales span from the medieval times right through to the present day and the beauty of the show is, you never quite know what you’ll be jumping into next.



But, don’t just take our word for it, here is what our listeners have to say…

Well researched stories. Love listening every fortnight. Always Interesting
— Spaced_One
Fantastic auditory experience. Awesome!
— Cp69112
A great listen. The stories are always well researched and Nikki takes her time with each one, not sensationalising it, but presenting the info with sensitivity. It’s been a while since I’ve lived in London but I’ve loved learning about some of its history through this podcast.
History Buffs…THIS IS FOR YOU!
— epamir
Brilliant and interesting podcast. Macabre London has the right pace and Nikki’s tone keeps the listener interested and intrigued. Subjects and themes are dealt with sensitively and I have learnt things I did not already know from other such podcasts. I eagerly wait for the next episode and am a fan already after only a few shows. Keep up the great work. Love it!
— Rubylaview
If you’re a history buff, you’ve GOT to listen to this show! Great production and audio quality. Super informative :) Listen in!
— NickLaparra
Interesting and Engaging
— Lozza Ralph
The narrator has a really pleasing voice to listen to which adds to the suspense of each story.
The music used is appropriate and also adds to the atmosphere of the stories.
— historiesmysteries
This pod cast combines 3 perfect ingredients, narrated with intrigue into a fascinating web of history, the macabre & the unusual. As the narrator’s web is woven, the story that has been told, will stay with your thoughts with a delightful glow & wanting more.
— Lis Australia